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Matu Meistari means your dream come true.

Everyone can radically change image in few hours by changing length, volume and colour of the hair. For a modern chic look we advise asymmetrical colour strands. Hair extensions allow playing with hairstyle without challenging your natural hair through frequent dying and colouring. The hair extensions can be attached to the hair of different length. However it is best to do it if natural hair is medium length. Hair extensions are held together and attached to natural hair with small keratin capsules; the hair strands are specially treated and have five month producer warranty. The keratin capsules are carefully attached to the natural hair strands with special appliance. Hair extensions, if properly cared for, can maintain their original looks as long as for one year.

To cover up connection points, natural hair is combed over them. There are special hair treatment products that help to comb and care for natural hair with extensions.

Hair extensions are soft and flexible; they are easy to style with diffuser. Extensions can be curled, relaxed, straightened, crimped and coloured. When choosing the colour it is advised to choose so that it is close to the previous shade, because the connection points will remain in their previous colour.

If you would decide to remove extensions, it can be easily done without harming the natural hair strands. The hairdressers of “Matu Meistari” salon are experienced and assured of the high quality of service by standards of the “Great Lengths” hair extensions. Your new hair style will please you long after your visit to salon.

For more detailed information please ask our hair stylists.

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