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This is innovative procedure to envelop each hair into the delicate protective film that is itself caring and deeply nourishing. As a result hair is safe from UV impact for three complete weeks.

Wonder treatment for the hair
One can agree that most of the times the comparison of what we see in the mirror does not go along with shiny product advertisements on TV screen, where global movie stars are waving their gorgeous, lustrous hair while saying “I am worth it!” We buy the same products, we use random shampoos, balms and nourishing masks but our hair often remain frizzy, hard to manage, the tips are easy to break. There is a little trick to the gorgeous and lustrous hair that will allow it to remain healthy and lustrous for longer time. You are invited to try this invention: scientifically elaborate but simple in professional application, it will nourish your hair with wheat proteins, hop and camomile extracts. The fluid will penetrate the broken structures of the hair fill and smooth them, while enveloping the whole length of the hair with protective film. It is important to point out that this procedure does not grease hair. It will be even easier to care for them now. The lamination of the hair will leave straight hair with more weight and lustre, but curly hair will look less frizzy and curls will be more defined and shiny. The effect of the procedure remains for three weeks!

Important to know!
+ The hair will be elastic and shiny already after the first procedure...
+ The hair will be safeguarded from aggressive environment (UV rays and heat)
+ The colour will be enduring for longer time

Hair needs less colouring
If these arguments are convincing you to try hair lamination, be sure to ask for this procedure in “Matu Meistari”. Your hair stylist will massage into your hair the lamination fluid and apply gentle heat, while allowing it to penetrate for several minutes. After that the hair will be rinsed as usual. We especially advise hair lamination to those clients who regularly colour their hair because protecting film around each hair will also protect the colour from washing out. It is also good saving method because the procedure once in three weeks will certainly save you different hair care products that are meant to protect the colour or anti-UV filters. Laminated hair will be protected from all destructive factors of the environment and they will not be damaged during sunbathing or routine styling heat procedures.

Good to know!
The price of the procedure: from Ls 10 to Ls 25 (depending on the length).

Change your everyday care routine
However, if you should decide to use hair lamination in one month, remember that it is something you can already do before the procedure. It is time to look for more advanced hair care products. Buy hair shampoo and balsam with SPF factor. At least once a week treat your hair with nourishing mask. You can choose something in the shop or make one yourself. A good advice is to apply small amount of the olive oil and it will care for your hair while you sleep. It is advisable to wash your hair next morning after such intense nourishment. If you want your hair to grow faster and be stronger at their rots, treat yourself with the scalp massage. It is very simple: sit down, bend your head forward, press elbows against knees and only then begin to massage your scalp. Never do this standing in front of the mirror, because lifted hands will make the bloodstream even slower. Once a week do the scalp peeling with special hair scrub. It is gently applied to the wet hair and massaged into scalp it with even movements, after the procedure rinse as usual. This procedure will remove the dead skin cells from the scalp and allow more oxygen and nourishment to the hair roots, as well as eliminate the dandruff. Your hair will grow faster. The combing of the hair will also improve blood circulation in the scalp that is essential for the hair roots. Use wooden or bone combs to avoid static electricity. To massage the scalp use large hair brush with soft ended needled on a flexible base. Always remember: decision to grow your hair is only benefited by regular grooming and cutting of the ends. The hair will display well with good style and they will be easier to handle on daily basis. It is also important to listen to the advice of your hairdresser and treat your hair with grooming and growing procedures once a while.

GUNDEGA LAPIŅA, Matu meistari vadītāja.


Pop singer ELLA about the hair lamination
«I did hair lamination after the colouring procedure. It took only a glimpse of time – 45 minutes. The hair is definitely shinier and easier to mange after that the effect was good for one month approximately. It was very smart to do something like this because the stage life did not do much good for my hair. I really value my hairdresser’s work because they care for my hair not only for one glorious night, but for the numerous days to come as well.»

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