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The groomed hands are the sign of a confident woman.

Pleasant, friendly and professional manicure specialist is a key to beauty of your hands and nails. The salon “ Matu Meistari” offers:

Classic manicure – for the health and for the beauty.

Caring for the beauty of your hands we are happy to give advice about strengthening the nails and healthy hand routine;

SPA manicure – for the pleasure and chic looks.

This type of manicure is well suited for those clients who regularly care for beauty of their nails. There are water procedures and light massage of the palm for the relaxation and pleasure;

Artificial nails – to be ahead of the time.

If there is no luck with growing your natural nails or there is no time for that, the salon can offer you beautifully looking and groomed nails in no time at all. Our experts are skilled in acrylic and gel nail attachment technologies.

The fundamental secret of airy walk is well attended feet and toenails. The salon offers classic, SPA and dry or healing pedicure. There your feet will receive excellent treatment and we will always share our knowledge about the most up to date feet care techniques.

You will feel beautiful, healed and treated down to your toenails.

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