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Too loud, too bright, too much! Need a Spa vacation, a retreat for your mind, body and soul? The T3 experience combines cleansing, scalp treatment and a decadent to give you a calming oasis in your day.

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Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer

Boost tired spirits and worn-down locks. Let lemon, sage and tea come to the rescue! This rejuvenating T3 treatment features Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as invigorating hand massage with Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer to uplift and energize.

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Thirst Quencher

Super-Charged Moisturizer

Is your hair feeling dry, tired and stressed out? You could use a drink! Our Thirst Quencher deep conditioning cocktail, featuring Super-Charged Moisturizer, drenches your hair in moisture. Hair drinks in essential nutrients that repair from the inside out, leaving you with amazing, reflective shine.

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Color Protect Reconstructive Treatment

Don’t let your hair color flat and burn out. Energize it! Whether you are blonde, brunette or a racy red head, our Power Surge treatment featuring Color Protect Reconstructive treatment jump-starts your hair color and increases strength and elasticity. Sunflower extracts provide sunscreens to help extend the life of your hair color and keeps its future bright.

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Hair Repair Treatment

Yin&yang, black & white, positive & negative…there are two sides to every story. Our Balancing Act equalizing treatment, featuring Hair Repair Treatment, fine tunes your hair’s delicate balance of protein and moisture to form the perfect combination for full of life hair that shines and glows.

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Serious Detox: Shampoo Two un Shampoo Three

Heat styling, chemicals, environmental pollution...these put you on the fast track to hair overload. Revive your overworked hair with a Serious Detox: the combination of Shampoo Two and Shampoo Three provides a deep cleansing treatment to rid your hair of dulling, heavy impurities that build up over time. Discover the beauty within.

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The Super Strengthener

Mom always said eating your vegetables would make you strong and healthy. Using The Super Strengthener will do the same for your hair. Discover inner strength, featuring The Super Strengthener. This is the perfect strengthening treatment after a lightening or relaxer service. It helps hair to repair and rebuild, replenishing your hair’s strength and elasticity.

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Color Therapy Shampoo.

Indulge in the luxurious jasmine tea fragrance of Modern Elixirs - -Color Therapy Shampoo. This relaxing shampoo massage followed by color extension treatment featuring Color Therapy Conditioner not only de-stresses you from head to toe, it extends the life of your hair color – leaving hair vibrant, soft and healthy.

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