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We are unique and so can be our style

In dreaming up hairstyles, „ Matu Meistari” always account for personality and unique qualities of the client, we blend in client’s profession and habits. Our hairdressers work creatively, creating original and unique haircuts, playing along every dream and wish of our clients. Come and enjoy the change together with us!

Curls and locks add romantic strings to your style even though everyday routine may demand conservative business attire from you. Salon “Matu Meistari” works with high quality extra caring GoldWell perm substance. Healing and caring perm substance contains AHA fruit acids and almond milk. Therefore your hair will be healthier and better looking after the procedure. Enjoy your healthy romantic change!

Madam Coco Chanel used to say that the hair must have a look every day, so that you do not have to cover untended hair with a hat. One of the simplest methods how to improve your looks is to find beautiful hair colour that is well connected with your image. Salon “Matu Meistari” offers modern hair colouring techniques for men and women. Come, find out if your moods will be complimented with interesting colour mix or highlights, your personality underlined with a bold hair colour or on contrary – pastel intonations with intriguing elegance.

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